Monday, 9 November 2009

New drawings and things!

What I find most interesting about this drawing is the way people interpret it. It's based on accidental marks, but when we look into it, the shapes appear as skeletons, rabbits, faces... Maybe it shows us what's inside our heads more than what's actually on the paper.

Monday, 28 September 2009

AFP Tarot

Finally finished my design for the Princess of Wands for the Amanda Palmer tarot deck :)

Apparently we're supposed to keep final designs secret for now, but I'm sure I can post an image at some later date! Here are some notes on the symbolisms used in the card, all will become clear later!

- The needle is used to symbolise the Wand, it's also a reference to Amanda Palmer's song 'The Point Of It All'
- The threading of the needle represents new beginnings, change and using one's energies in a constructive way
- Amanda's face is used to depict strength, honesty, determination and the abscence of fear
- The element of Fire is alluded to through the tones of the design, most obviously through Amanda's eyeshadow
- Broken stitches are used to symbolise breaking old habitual patterns and setting oneself free

Really pleased with how this turned out! The cards should be available in time for Christmas and it's an amazing project, a massive collection of brilliant artists - I can't wait!
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