Saturday, 23 October 2010

Work and play

Alter ego photographs... There are hundreds of more embarrassing ones which I won't post here.





I've managed to disguise my love of fancy dress as WORK! Haha! Seriously, for the portraiture project, I decided to explore the idea of identity as 'performative' - we choose and act out our identity, through the clothes we wear etc - rather than identity being fixed. I think the most significant aspects of a portrait are clothing, make-up, hair, piercings etc - as we have control over these elements; we ourselves make an active decision about these aspects of our appearance, whereas, obviously, we have no choice about our faces! (Generally speaking - cosmetic surgery aside, as that's a whole separate essay!)

So the focus of my project has been to use clothes, hair etc. as signifiers of identity in portraiture, drawing only these aspects and not the actual facial features and so on. I've also been considering how factors in portraiture such as background, composition, posture and technique affect our interpretation of the subject's identity, and how I can take advantage of these factors as providers of additional information about a character.

So... the way I explored these ideas was through creating 4 alter egos, dressing up, taking photographs and then bringing this more performative work back to drawing, working from photographs...

Saturday, 2 October 2010

This week

I've just found out that Against Me! have cancelled their tour. I was supposed to be seeing them twice, I adore them and I'm totally gutted!

Anyway, we've started a portraiture project this week at uni. Here is a small selection of my work...

I've also found out that the university have decided to scrap my course... Not whilst I'm on it - students already on the course won't be affected - but next year there will be no new Embroidery students. They've decided to merge with Textiles and Textile Design For Fashion, to create 'Textiles in Practice' - a more generic course which will no doubt cost less money to run.

It is a sad time for this course, especially as it is the only course of its kind in the UK.