Monday, 29 November 2010

A stitched parrot

I don't really do much embroidery in the conventional sense, but here's something.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Fun with the photocopier

I've been playing around with collage/montage lately; combining drawing, photos, bits and bobs and hopefully soon, some stitch. This is all inspired by a photograph of a beautiful derelict house I saw one year in Tarbert, which has since been destroyed, with a few imaginary elements thrown in for good measure.

I'm creating a palette of different visual elements (cutout parrots, leaves, sketched flamingoes, patchwork etc) with which I can play around and create numerous outcomes.

I'm trying to explore the fragmented nature of memory by using this house as an example. Our memory tends to fill in the gaps of things we don't fully remember, so I've been thinking about the inside of the house - of which I have no memory - and using images of exotic birds etc to hint at the possibilities of what could have been inside. Bunny and The Bull is an amazing film which explores a similar theme in a very beautiful way, using meticulously constructed sets with live action as well as stop-motion animation. It's also hilarious.

Anyway, I've found that photocopying collages does something magical to collages, flattening them beautifully.