Wednesday, 23 November 2011

One more thing - Scary Panda

The lovely Mary, of Kyaa Bakaru, bought the mask I had come to think of as 'Scary Panda'.
The panda was always intended to be cute, but oh no! Something went horribly wrong along the way and it turned out looking pretty terrifying. I never loved this panda, I'm afraid to say.

I almost didn't bring him to Thought Bubble with me. I didn't even put him on the table, because I didn't want to scare away potential customers. But Mary asked to view it after seeing 'Scary Panda' on the price list, and exclaimed that it wasn't cute, it was "adorable!" I remain unconvinced, but at least she is happy.

I was glad to see him go.

But I hope he will be very happy in his new life with a hot girl.
I'm sure that's what every neglected Scary Panda wants.

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