Monday, 21 November 2011

Thought Bubble 2011

I had an amazing weekend at Thought Bubble, Leeds Sequential Art Festival.

Sorry it's such a wordy blog, will crack on with some actual work after so should have plenty of images for next time!

It was incredibly helpful to properly put my work in this context and get some feedback, and it's left me feeling really positive about moving my work forward in this direction. I know there's plenty I need to work on, but I know what's really working in my illustrations, as well as what isn't, and that's pretty reassuring.

The best thing about Thought Bubble was meeting some inspiring, talented, and generally cool people... (click names to see their awesome work!)
  • Jennie Gyllblad - generally gorgeous illustrations, by an amazing lady who shares my love for David Mack. Check out her work with writer Corey Brotherson.
  • Ryan and his Ryanimals - Must be seen to be bekieved - cute and creepy, cuddly animals with bizarre human faces. He was kind enough to trade me a penguin for the turtle backpack I made.
  • Biz Horne - a lady who will save the world with her comics, sharing a stall with the fabulous Jordan Collver and Rik Worth.
  • The lovely George, creator of amazing outfits and fantastic illustrations, aka The Tragic Ugly Duckling.
  • Colin of Mild Peril Media, to whom I can only apologise for forgetting to come back and buy one of his awesome cityscape prints!
  • Mary of Kyaa Bakaru, who inexplicably fell in love with my scary panda mask, which I was so glad to have taken off my hands for a bargain price! Follow their blog and help them take over the world...
  • Rufus Dayglo, of Tank Girl. An incredibly talented artist and generally cool guy, whose compliments about my work were pretty much the glace cherry on top of the tasty cake that was Thought Bubble.
  • Jacqueline, Mark and Andrew of Ostragoth Publishing, whose book Boys Don't Cry was one of my favourites last year. Comics that give beautiful illustrations room to breathe. Thanks to these guys for giving me so much advice and encouragement, and general chit-chat. Probably the icing, which we all know is essential if you want the cherries to stick on.
And finally, our lovely con neighbours:
  • The Lou Scannon trio, with their genre straddling and witty banter (and backflips...?)
  • Mister Hope and Rachel, thanks for not putting us in detention for elastic band flinging.
  • Jade, whose colour palette I adore, and Eve, aka Mimi, who told me an amazing dog and duck related story which will haunt me forever..
And massive super thanks to Curis of Ninjabread for sharing the stall (I could not afford to do this without you!), driving us about and having a cracking sense of humour.

Super duper thanks to Shaun Hartley, who is pretty much a superhero as far as I'm concerned. Without him, I would not be heading in the direction of comics, and my stall would have been unmanned on numerous occasions whilst I was off on various 'networking' jaunts! He's so supportive, and just keeps me going.

Thanks to everyone who bought my book (including Jeff Lemire, wooop!) and various bits and bobs! Hope to get some up for sale on Folksy soon...


  1. Was great meeting you and Shaun! I've had no time to even recollect all the stuff that happened, cards collected and people met (thrown straight back into work today) but it was an amazing experience! Thanks for the shout-out :D


  2. Thanks for the kind words about us folk here at Ostragoth Publishing. It was a pleasure to meet and chat.


  3. ^^ Thank you for the mention! We now have a blog up with the very sexy pose in the panda mask!!! Teehee!

  4. Thank you for mentioning me, my love! You're so nice! :D