Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Country Fox? City Fox?

Lately, I'm working on some illustrations based on a narrative which emerged around the fox mask I created. Although I want to work on some more full-head animal masks soon, and possibly some more bits and pieces of the same nature (sculptural things rather than masks, but using the same technique), I'm happy for the moment to focus on telling his tale.

Maurice is a dapper country gent, living in a small village in the hills. When a harsh Winter falls, he begins to feel that Spring isn't coming, and leaves in search of a better life in the city. Upon arrival, he's overwhelmed by the harsh reality of city life and soon realises he's out of place here, causing him to return to his rural home, finding that a glorious Spring has arrived and the hills have burst into bloom. Finally, he feels happy and at home in his surroundings.

I'm not using much text in the story, maybe key 'mood' words but no descriptive sentences, as I feel this will push me to create stronger images with clearer visual narratives.

I'm also dabbling in very low-tech animation, as this is something I've tried before but always pushed aside as this isn't my background. However, I think there is some potential in this and may start to produce some better quality animation at a later date.

Apologies for the bad quality scans and photos!

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