Thursday, 9 February 2012


 I started working on an owl puppet last week, which will become part of some of my illustrative work as well as the 'Susie and the Owl' show I'm working on as part of Zoo Case Theatre (follow the link to keep up with us on Facebook! We also tweet @zoocasetheatre, occasionally!)

Making the head was straightforward, but for some reason the body has been a struggle - most likely because I've never made a moving owl before! I was trying to make the body and wings from paper mache like the head, but it just dragged on and on and didn't feel right, so I decided I needed to get away from it for a little while.

So I got out of my space and decided to do something large scale with the fox head, to try and loosen me up a bit. The way I work is usually really free and intuitive, which I think is why trying to figure out this puppet had been draining the life out of me.

This was a nice afternoon task, and I'm going to use a better quality photo than this to collage into other illustrations.

The blobs on the wall are left over from Ella Kate Harrison's degree show. I love her work, and you can check it out here.

So, after a nice distraction period, I went back to thinking about the owl and decided I needed to get back into textiles, with a nice stuffed, podgy body. Here he is in progress...

I know it looks really weird at the moment, but it will hopefully be much better when the wings are added! I've run rods through the centre of his body so he'll have a turning head.

Hoping to finish this guy by Weds next week at the latest, so we can rehearse and I can get stuck in with collage images again!

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