Monday, 23 April 2012

More mad animals

Bunny's paint job is finished! Hope to do a photoshoot with this very soon with one of my dear friends. I'm really enjoying having close friends model, it's nice to see their personalities come through in the characters. With the suit-wearing duck, I had an idea for a character, thought Ben might be a good model for it, then realised that the character was Ben! Which meant that he brought ideas to the table which I hadn't thought of, but which were perfect for the character.

I'm working on ways of displaying my masks, mixing with drawing etc - getting back into the mix of 2D, 3D, real and not real I was playing around with before. So I'm working on cardboard cutouts out the moment, with the aim of displaying the masks on top, creating a kind of wildlife scene.

Here's the painting in progress, collage elements to be added later. I'm standing there for scale! Cropped out so it's only half as embarrassing...

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